Other Sweet Web 2.0 Tools


Youtube - Upload videos to your own account and then embed the url it provides into your page.
TeacherTube - Same as youtube but contains only "student-friendly" videos.
Flickr- Lets you upload short videos.

Examples of Video

Terry Smith's Fourth Grade Class - Their opionions of vegemite. (Other videos are on their blog here.)
Third grade students read poems by Shel Silverstein.
A grade six student made this video about global warming.
Ms. Rosso's Science videos (This is a grade nine class, but the principle applies to any class.)

Voice Communication

Skpye This is a downloadable Internet-based phone service. You can call anyone else who has it installed for free. If you have a webcam, you can also see each other.
Yackpack This site has various products for education. My personal favourite is the walkietalkie widget that you can embed into your webpage. (To find the walkietalkie widget, click on products.)

Other Fun Tools

Clustr Maps show your students where in the world people live who have visited your site. Each visit is recorded as a red dot on a world map. When you register, you are sent the html for your own map that you place on your page.
Make a Writing Wizard or a talking tomato or a talking flower. You write the text for the cartoon, and then the website generates the html for you to copy and paste into your site. This tool is very useful when teaching dialogue.