Pictures and Slideshows

Picture Storage Tools

Flickr- stores your pictures and videos online, and then gives you the html or url to insert into your blog or wiki so that the picture will appear.


These sites allow you to put your pictures into a slideshow and then provides you with the html so that you can put the slideshow onto your blog or wiki.
RockYou- lots of options for different kinds of transitions, music and glitzy effects.
One True Media- allows you to add music to your slideshow
Animoto - When you chose your music, this site decides the ways that your picture will be shown.
Slide takes still images from your Flickr, Bebo, Photobucket, etc. accounts and makes a variety of cool flash prentations that you can easily post to blogs from Slide.

Other Cool Things for Pictures

Fd's Flickr Toys allows you to add borders etc. to your picture before you put it on your site.
Voicethread - You can make a slideshow and your students can comment on each slide. Others who visit it can also add comments.

Sketchcast Allows you to record your voice while you draw, type or demonstrate.

For even more options, check out Alan Levine's Fifty Ways to Tell a Story in which he tells the same story using fifty plus tools.